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Getting remarried? Check your estate plan

If you are one of the many residents in Florida who is looking to get remarried, you will want to take smart steps to set you and your new family up for success. If your prior marriage ended in divorce, you know that marriage is far from easy and so now is the time for you to proactively do what you can to avoid problems down the road. One thing you can do to this end is to create a solid estate plan.

Can my credit cards give me problems after I divorce?

It is important as you proceed through a Florida divorce not to leave any financial loose ends that could come back to bite you later on. One of those loose ends may be lurking in your wallet. Over the course of a marriage, couples will often share credit cards. But if you intend to separate from your spouse, you must make certain that your credit card debts are separated as well.

How does alimony affect your taxes?

When a couple divorces in Florida, the court may order one ex-spouse to pay the other alimony, also spousal support, if there is a disparity of incomes and one of the former spouses does not make enough money to support himself or herself. If alimony is a part of your divorce settlement, you may wonder how the money that you pay or receive in alimony will affect your taxes. 

Debt relief and divorce

Couples who are facing serious financial problems in Florida often end up making the decision to get divorced. When this happens, they may also want to evaluate a variety of options for how to address their debt. Filing for bankruptcy may be one solution they wish to consider but there are multiple factors that should be considered in order for them to make the right decision for their situation.

Preparing for a gray divorce

When older Floridian couples decide to split, their impending divorce is often called a "gray divorce". Though there isn't much that differentiates a gray divorce from a regular divorce on a surface level, there are actually a number of things going on behind the scenes that will present unique hurdles to an older couple.

What legal issues are addressed during a divorce?

It's important to familiarize yourself with divorce laws in Florida when going through a divorce yourself. Mang & Santurri, P.A., are here to help you through any and all conflicts that might arise during the divorce proceedings. They can also offer guidance regarding what legal issues need to be addressed.

What unique hurdles will you face in a high asset divorce?

As a couple in Florida that has decided to split, there are numerous things for you to consider first. For example, do you and your partner have many assets as a couple? If so, you may be wondering how you should tackle the division of said assets as your divorce proceeds.

How much power does a divorce mediator have?

As half of a couple in Florida that's getting ready to split, you may be considering hiring a divorce mediator to help you through the roughest parts of the divorce. Mang & Santurri, P.A., are here to help debunk some common myths about divorce mediation that might help in your decision-making process.

The importance of mental health as tied to divorce

Divorcing couples in Florida have a lot to deal with. They need to handle things like litigation, financial issues, and keeping the family provided for amidst the chaos of a split. They also need to worry about the mental health of themselves and their family, which can be severely impacted because of a divorce.

Do we have to sell our house when divorcing?

When going through a divorce in Florida, you and your spouse will be presented with what may feel like a seemingly endless number of tough decisions to make. How will we split time with the kids? Who will take the kids on key holidays? What debts do we need to split? Do we need to split a retirement account? Another equally challenging choice to make is what you will do with your family home.

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