Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce In Florida

The attorneys at Mang Law & Title, in Tallahassee have helped numerous individuals and families through the divorce process. We will listen intently to your goals and help you find solutions as we finalize your marriage dissolution. We understand that you may have many questions as you begin this transition. Here are some answers to common questions about divorce laws.

Who Will Get The House In A Divorce?

It depends. Under Florida law, marital property is divided through equitable distribution. This does not mean things will be divided in a 50-50 split, but rather in a manner that is considered fair. If you and your spouse cannot agree on how to divide your assets and debt, the courts will first look at what should be considered marital property, which is property acquired during the marriage, and then work to divide that in an equal manner under the law.

What Is Considered Separate Property?

Separate property refers to assets that one spouse does not legally have rights to under Florida laws. Examples include inheritance and property owned by a spouse before marriage.

How Does Alimony Work?

Alimony, sometimes called spousal support or maintenance, is not a given in every divorce. There are different kinds of financial support from an ex-spouse under Florida law. Alimony could be temporary, rehabilitative or permanent. The amount is calculated based on the length of the marriage, standard of living during the marriage, employment prospects for the receiving spouse and other factors.

Guiding You Through Divorce And All Related Matters

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