Even if, as is often the case, your life eventually improves following your divorce in Florida, it can still be a difficult process that results in short-term emotional trauma. Psychology Today suggests that how a divorce ultimately affects you may depend partly upon your gender. 

The emotional impact of divorce, as well as the marital problems that give rise to it, tend to have a greater effect on women. This is partially because women tend to invest more emotionally in their relationships than men do, making the end of the relationship more painful.

Women are also more likely than men to demonstrate a communal orientation. People who are oriented communally tend to define their own identities in terms of the close relationships they have with others. If you have a communal orientation and your marriage comes to an end, you may feel that you have not only lost a spouse but your own sense of self. You may struggle to find a new source of self-identification.

There may also be cultural reasons why divorce tends to affect women more strongly. The main burden of divorce tends to fall upon women, particularly in cultures that regard divorce as shameful regardless of the circumstances. 

However, that does not mean that divorce cannot also have a negative emotional effect on men. Men may experience depression and/or stress that contributes to other health problems. Because men may be less likely than women to talk about their emotions, it often falls to health care providers to look for signs of these health problems and be prepared to refer patients to counseling as necessary. 

For both men and women, life satisfaction after the divorce often depends upon the quality of the marriage. If the marriage was particularly unhealthy, possibly involving abuse of some kind, you are more likely to find that, in the long run, your life improves dramatically following your divorce. However, you must prepare to deal with the unavoidable short-term stress thereof.

The information in this article is not intended as legal advice but provided for educational purposes only.