It’s important to familiarize yourself with divorce laws in Florida when going through a divorce yourself. Mang Law & Title, are here to help you through any and all conflicts that might arise during the divorce proceedings. They can also offer guidance regarding what legal issues need to be addressed.

Many different legal issues are brought up during the process of a divorce. If you have children, be prepared to handle matters of child custody, child support payments, visitation rights, and visitation schedules. You will need to determine if you want to hold joint custody or if one parent wants sole custody. Prepare to have your behavior and income analyzed carefully in order to determine what works best for your child and spouse.

Regardless of whether or not you have children, alimony might also be something you deal with. Spousal support will usually be determined based on who has a higher income. It is used to help pad the other spouse’s income while they readjust to living on a reduced budget. Related to finances, you will legally need to deal with tax ramifications. This includes who gets to claim the children as exemptions, and whether or not any alimony payments are eligible for exemption status.

Going through divorce can be difficult no matter what the circumstances are. Regardless of what hurdles you and your partner are facing while solidifying your separation, there are many ways that an experienced attorney can help you out. In addition to that, you can also visit our web page on family law to learn a little more about the services we offer and how they might be of help to you.