When older Floridian couples decide to split, their impending divorce is often called a “gray divorce”. Though there isn’t much that differentiates a gray divorce from a regular divorce on a surface level, there are actually a number of things going on behind the scenes that will present unique hurdles to an older couple.

For example, the Washington Post points out that a gray divorce can ruin retirement plans. This is because it has the same effect as starting late on retirement savings. In other words, a person simply won’t have enough working years left to make up for heavy financial losses. A couple will need to divide everything from property to shared retirement funds. Not only that, but they will also have to get used to living on half the amount of income they’ve been used to.

Metro also stated that the emotional impact of a gray divorce can be surprising to many. While a person might feel as though they’re entirely ready to move away from their spouse, it’s also likely that they haven’t experienced living alone in quite some time. The companionship that comes with a long marriage will be lost, and it can be difficult to readjust. Many older people also find it somewhat hard to re-enter the dating market after so many years of marriage. It’s a whole new world and it can be tiring, especially when juggling a divorce and the subsequent readjustments at the same time.

However, despite these issues that a couple must prepare for, many still go through with the divorce and find that it suits what they need. It all depends on what an individual is willing and prepared to deal with.