At Mang Law & Title, we are aware that divorced parents can have differences in opinion about how their children are raised. You might not agree with your ex’s methods of discipline or disapprove of how late the children are allowed to stay up on a school night. You might be upset that your ex has not paid child support for a few months. You might even be concerned that your children are complaining they don’t want to visit their other parent. However, you and other Florida residents should understand what might happen if you decide not to allow the other parent to see the children.

A court-ordered custody or visitation arrangement does not always stop some parents from trying to get leverage by not allowing the other parent to see the kids. However, the court maintains that in most cases, both parents should have a relationship with their children. As FindLaw explains, you could be held in contempt of court for withholding visitation.

You might have compelling reasons for not wanting your children to visit your ex. For example, he or she may not require the kids to use seat belts in the car. You may disapprove of them being spanked or you worry that the person your ex is dating is mistreating the children. If you are worried about your children’s safety or emotional well-being, you should address the issue by contacting authorities or the family law court for instructions on how to protect your children. Our page on custody and visitation explains more about your rights as the custodial parent.