As a couple in Florida that has decided to split, there are numerous things for you to consider first. For example, do you and your partner have many assets as a couple? If so, you may be wondering how you should tackle the division of said assets as your divorce proceeds.

FindLaw itself categorizes high asset divorces as complex divorce cases. This is because there’s a strong potential for you to get tangled up in complex litigation, especially if you and your spouse cannot reach agreements regarding who should get what. The more land, money, cars, bank accounts, and material possessions you jointly own, the harder it will be to separate things out in court.

For this reason, you could face hurdles other couples wouldn’t necessarily be up against. They can include:

  • Dealing with business dissolution
  • The potential of hidden assets
  • Complex pre or post marital arrangements
  • Tax implications

Even the things other couples do face may be more complex in your case. For example, alimony is something a lot of couples have to deal with. However, if one spouse makes a huge sum of money compared to the other, you could end up facing very complicated alimony negotiations that could take a while to iron out.

Everyone wants to protect their assets and future stability to the best of their abilities. Divorce poses a potential risk to that security, which is part of the reason emotions can run so high. It’s also why you may want to consider having an experienced attorney guide you, as they can provide insight and legal expertise that could be necessary.