Florida residents buying a house for the first time — and even those who are seasoned in the world of real estate — can easily become overwhelmed by the process. Before a future homeowner can hit the ground running with interior decorating and landscaping plans, he or she must first consider a number of factors. As stressful as purchasing a home may be, there are some boxes to check that can make the entire process run more smoothly.

Business Insider is quick to point out in an article on buying real estate that the process is not always easy. The financial magazine first states that future homeowners should buy the home they can afford — not necessarily the maximum a mortgage company may assume is affordable. Some experts suggest that limiting payments to 30 percent of gross monthly income at most is ideal. With that said, BI also warns readers that a monthly payment goes beyond the mortgage itself; prospective buyers should also take into account homeowner’s insurance, utilities, property taxes and other potential fees before making the big leap. 

Forbes also gives some insight into buying a home, and the potential speed bumps that can occur along the way. An expense that affects millions of Americans, student loan debt can also creep into the picture for future homeowners. Forbes stresses that buyers should consider loan expenses when making a mortgage plan. Some buyers may even need to provide proof of an income-based repayment plan for lenders in order to move forward. Future homeowners should also think critically about the contract itself. According to Forbes, contracts are meant to be negotiated, and buyers can usually request modifications or more time to review paperwork, if necessary. When house hunters have reviewed all of the fine print, they can then fully enjoy this thrilling life event.