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Throughout his legal careers, our attorney, Douglas A. Mang has built a reputation for providing excellent representation. Our guidance helps those who seek our services to meet their goals. We put clients’ needs at the forefront, which is why many people turn to us repeatedly when they need assistance.


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With our wide range of practice areas, clients come to us when they need trusted guidance on how to move forward on any number of legal issues in Leon County and the surrounding areas. Whether you are facing divorce, purchasing a residential or commercial property or need assistance with an insurance regulatory matter, our experience will be to your advantage.

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Douglas A. Mang is a member of the prestigious Federation of Regulatory Counsel (FORC) and has prestigious records of accomplishment in insurance regulation that make our firm stand out. We guide companies though the regulatory process while ensuring compliance with Florida’s numerous laws and administrative rule requirements.

Equitable distribution states could help you avoid taking on debt

You went into your marriage not quite sure about what your husband owed in debts. You knew that you both went to school and had loans, and you were sure he had some debt from credit cards. Still, yours are reasonable, and you assumed his were reasonable, too. You lived comfortably, and you never expected his debts to be out of control.

Several years into your marriage, you decided that it wasn’t working. Your husband stopped coming home early in the day, so you never really saw each other. You got a new job, so you were driving further each day. You grew apart.

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Our operations include title and settlement services for your residential and commercial real estate needs. Our underwriter, First American Title Insurance Co., has more than a century of experience and is one of the nation’s most innovative leaders in the title insurance industry.

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